Jamones Casa Domingo

Jamones Casa Domingo "The Company"

Jamones Casa Domingo since 1974
Jamones Casa Domingo opened its doors in 1974 and since then our mission has been to offer the maximum quality and the greatest guarantee to all our customers around Spain.

Calamocha, the heart of Jamon de Teruel
Calamocha is one of the most important locations for the production and sale of Jamon de Teruel hams, both because of the hams that are produced in our facilities and for the perfect weather conditions found in the area.

Pioneers in Calamocha
Domingo Pamplona, the founder of Jamones Casa Domingo, was a pioneer in selling Jamon de Teruel hams in Calamocha, and the brand Jamones Casa Domingo has played its part in Calamocha becoming recognised throughout Spain for the quality of its ham.